Where Is Home?, 2018

Where Is Home?
Mixed media, found domestic objects, household lights, handcrafted boxes with children’s diary locks and keys
Dimensions variable

Using the scroll, “What Is Home?”, as a reference point, this installation explores the use of domestic objects to create a life-sized “pop-up book” by creating vignettes of the various narratives within the scroll. Areas are lit with small lights and objects are arranged to signify a child’s room, bathrooms, crafting room, and kitchen areas of a typical domestic home. Each vignette holds a crafted box and an object or set of objects locked inside with a cheap, child’s diary lock with a key visible and within reach, referencing the way memories and trauma are compartmentalized and “locked” away, returning when the appropriate key triggers an unlocking of those memories. As with a pop-up book, viewers are invited to explore the contents of the installation and walk away as needed, and only asked to return the contents and re-lock the memory boxes before leaving the space.

Photos by Probably Joel, 2018
2021 Evelyn Wong