On Filial Piety, 2019

On Filial Piety, 2019
MFA Thesis Installation with hand scrolls and wall scrolls, scrolling wall text, furniture covered in torn hand scrolls, scrolls in bowls, and scroll zines.
varied media
open scrolls measure between 3″ x 32″ up to 18″ x 396″

On Filial Piety is a culmination of research and works that began in 2018 and continued as field work and research in 2019, ending as an installation in the Maine College of Art MFA thesis exhibition for the class of 2019. For this installation, an iteration of the scroll, Filial Piety, has been destroyed and decoupaged onto two tables, questioning where book and furniture may intersect and convey narrative as a sculpture while functioning as a display for other books. The walls that face each other in this space have been darkened to create a sense of narrowness and oppressiveness around the viewer, and excerpts from The Women’s Analects outlining strict feminine behaviors and expectations fill the space as gold text. Detailed images of the piece Feeding Our Daughters can be found here and What Is Home? (II) can be found here.

2021 Evelyn Wong